The best tricks for Telegram 2017

I use a long Telegram, today I am going to talk to you about the best tricks to Telegram of 2017 you probably don’t know. Obviously, if you use a lot of the app, some you’ll know, but all of them certainly not. Normally, we’re going to talking about all the news every week, but today we want to make a compilation of all (or possibly most prominent). Are you ready to discover everything that hides Telegram? It is clear that it has many different things to WhatsApp, but today the terminals have storage available, it is possible to have the two apps at the same time and enjoy them.

escuchar musica ver videos sin salir de telegram

The best tricks to Telegram 2017

Today we want to talk to you about the best tricks to Telegram for 2017. Tricks that we consider very important, but that will grow as you go from the months. Today we bring you a few, but there are many more that will be telling. Do not miss these TOP best tricks for Telegram.

do you Know that you can use Telegram from PC?

One of the things I like most about Telegram, is that it allows use it directly from the PC (WhatsApp also). Without installing anything, you’ll simply have to enter the site, link your account with a code and you’re done. You will not have to rely on the smartphone to communicate or to install any client on your computer, just open the browser, enter there and start to enjoy your conversations.

stickers are the best

If you want to have fun of truth, the stickers of Telegram no waste. You’ll be able to find them from the keyboard, to the right, is a square with a smiley face that throws the tongue. Here we tell you more about the stickers of Telegram, especially when they began. Because now we have a lot of.


you Can create your own stickers to Telegram, as well we tell you from this link. You’ll be able to create all that you want and have your own stickers, but always thine to certain standards. You’ll find the best stickers, from Shin Chan or Pokémon, to many other fun scrap. Youll have a great time with the stickers of Telegram.

Editing photos with effects in Telegram

you Can edit fun photos in Telegram with effects as we show you in this tutorial. Below is A list of the steps to edit photos in Telegram

  • Open the app of Telegram (keep the app up-to-date).
  • Enters the chat of a contact either (to which you want to send the modified image).
  • Go to gallery and select an image but do not give him to send.
  • click in the center of the image (the image will open).
  • you will See a brush and editing a face.
  • click on the paintbrush to edit the picture and you can add stickers and embellishments to your photos.
  • When you have finished, you will get the option of send.

This trick we don’t know exactly since when it exists, but has no waste. You can have fun by decorating your photos with amazing stickers, masks, effects etc

Games in Telegram

did you Know that the Telegram has games? You will need to also have one of the latest versions to enjoy this. By doing the following:

  • Type @gamebot and you’ll be able to share games and compete with your friends from your chat.

These are some of the games available. Copy and paste the following code in a chat Telegram to open the game and share it with your friend, if you didn’t get tell him to update the app.

  • telegram.I/gamebot?game=Corsairs.
  • telegram.I/gamebot?game=MathBattle.


Delete messages (but true)

In Telegram you can delete messages and disappear entirely from the conversation of the users. Is not the old remove that you will cease to view it, but the other sees it, the new delete deletes to the full. You can also use the chat secret if you want to go safely and securely, with the option of self-destruction of messages selected.

Bots in Telegram

Something I especially like to Telegram is the option of bots in Telegram. They are really helpful and there is everything you can take a look from the above link. Here you can see the best bots for Telegram. Remember that you can invoke with @ plus the name. The most popular, as we can tell, are:

  • @icon8bot: apply filters to photos.
  • @integram_bot: allows you to create integrations with other apps and services.
  • @werewolfbot: game for groups.
  • @strangerbot: connects to two users of Telegram random to know (anonymous).
  • @octopocket_bot: send money between users.

With the time they appear more and better bots, so much so that even we have had for the general election. So it is important that you know, because you’ll be able to metar bots amazing to use along with the lists of diffusion (ideal if you have a blog).

you Can edit messages in Telegram

If Telegram still doesn’t convince you, you should know that you’ll be able to edit messages in Telegram if you want to. This functionality exists already for a long time. But there are some who still don’t know… so now you know that you can edit messages in Telegram if you make a mistake (this is ideal). Although as we told you above, you also have the option to delete the messages completely.

Editar mensaje Telegram

This feature will be coming soon to WhatsApp.

Have several photos of profile

If you don’t delete the profile photo of Telegram that you have each time you add a new one, they will build up. When a user wants to see your profile photo, you will be able see all the profile pictures that you’ve had since the end of the times. You’ll be able to delete them if you prefer. But it is original. This WhatsApp also allows, for some users, it is something great, but for others it can be annoying. Come to me I love it!

did you Know that the Telegram has GIFs?

Although WhatsApp has added recently, Telegram has already for a long time. You can send GIFs are brilliant as they do not have waste.

  • @gif + name of the gif you want to search for.

you will Find all sorts of gifs that do not have waste, for you to enjoy to the maximum. From Android, to gifs funny, football, things, certain, and everything you can imagine. Without a doubt one of the apps most full to enjoy everything related to stickers and gifs. From here you’ll be able to discover all about the gifs of Telegram.

enviar gif telegram

gifs are not integrated in the keyboard as in WhatsApp, you have to put the at symbol before, as we told you above. It is quite comfortable.

supergrupos of Telegram

do you Know that Telegram has the option of supergrupos? In Telegram we can have groups of up to 1000 people. You’ll be able to enjoy group enormous. For something Telegram is used especially for corporate groups, dinners… although WhatsApp already allow large groups, but in Telegram it was before, which is why we also have this this feature of Telegram.

actualizacion telegram 3.3 con supergrupos

coming Soon more tricks for Telegram

These are just a few of the best tricks that there is in Telegram. Each time, with the passage of months, we will find more and better tricks to Telegram. It is only a “preview” of what you can offer this messaging service. Because we are still in January of 2017, we will continue to have more and better tricks that you enjoy since the Telegram as we go this year, who knows what we will see for 2010!

we Hope that you have enjoyed these tricks of Telegram for 2017. I soon more and better! What has seemed you the best trick? Do you know of something that is great and we have been past mention?

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