The best tricks for raiding buildings in PUBG Mobile

When an enemy is inside a building, it can be complicated to delete it. You can easily take the lead and come and knock us down, so we need to know very well where it is located. That is why, we will show you the best tips for raiding buildings in PUBG Mobile.

Know buildings

One of the most important things to assault a building, is to know him completely. It is something you learn with time, and most of the buildings always follow a pattern.

The thing to keep in mind is that the players always stay in the smallest room, or the one that has more windows. And also in the balconies is very usual that we see enemies hunting. Considering this, we can know approximately where you will be the opponent if he is attacking from a building.

From a window

As we know, to be inside of the buildings, the enemies can only attack from the windows. So we need do focus on them once we hear shots.

it should Be noted, that the attacking players from windows have the disadvantage. It is easier to knock them down because your sight is limited, and always show the upper part of your body.

Fool with the doors

When we opened the doors of a building is heard, so that the enemy will know that we are entering. In this case, we must open a door, and go for another rear to attack from surprise. Or just wait for exit to also delete it easily.

Use grenades

Many of the players don’t know how efficient are the grenades at the time of eliminating an enemy in a building.

The most recommended are the stunning, which exploit faster and sound like a fragmentation grenade. This will make the enemy quit running from the room where it is.

And what about the bombs?

cluster bombs are also useful, only that there are that know how to use them. What should be done, press the shoot button, and to wait for a few seconds. In this way, when we release the bomb, will explode at once and the enemy will not give you time to escape through the windows.

on the other hand, if we want to drop the bomb while inside of the building, it is best to , making it bounce against a surface to reach the desired location.

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