The best tricks for beginners Castle Furious

Castillo Furioso is one of the most popular mobile games currently. It is a game that is not too simple at the beginning, but that, as you play through the game, you’ll be hooked more and more. Below, we explain some of the best tricks of Castle Furious for beginners that are worth taking into account to advance fast in the game.

Get 5 builders as fast as you can

as the constructions go up in level, the time required to move to the next is increasing in a parallel manner. Therefore, to progress in the game quickly and go as soon as the initial stage of Castle Furious, we recommend that you get to 5 builders as soon as possible; to do this you will need gems, which you can go getting through milestones.

don’t waste gems on a change to the talent of the heroes

The probability that your heroes get a good talent is very low; but the truth is that it’s not worth spending the gems on a change to the talent of your heroes because you’ll only end up leaving you a fortune on purchases-in-app. Until you get at least 6 legendary heroes we recommend that you use the gems or in hiring workers or legendary heroes.

don’t waste the badges of honor of hiring the legendary heroes

The chances of getting legendary heroes by engaging them with isignias of honor are practically zero, so that it’s not worth to spend them. The badges of honor are becoming increasingly important as the game progresses, so any time you can encourage you to buy the daily offer of 1000 badges for 50 gems.

mightiest Heroes Castle Furious

The mightiest heroes of the game are: Prince Pumpkin, Cupid, and Druid. Unfortunately, the Druid is not very easy to achieve until you have a month in Castle Furious. As to the Druid, is a hero indispensable because of its healing power is enormous. Another hero is also very desired is Thunder Golden, which has very good damage, HP, frequency of attack and movement speed.

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