The best tapas in Galicia in an application

going Out for tapas with friends is one of the great pleasures of life. Accompanied by a good drink and a pleasant conversation, it seems like a plan that none would pass. Spain is a place where you find millions of different tapas. One of the places with the great tradition of tapas is Galicia. Give them all a try, in addition to a madness, is a challenge. Now your problem has a solution. best tapas in Galicia are in an application.

Tappear is an application that will allow you to discover the sites with the best tapas along the width of the whole of Galicia. With a simple system, you’ll be able to find those sites that serves a tapa with the drink. I do plans has never been so easy!

How does it work?

Tappear works with geolocation. The app will provide accurate information on the best places to have tapas in your area. The application itself will tell you the distance to which the bar is located and the precise form to be able to reach. Comfortable and easy to use.

The application gives you the possibility of upload your own photos. If the bar you’ve taken a few caps you’ve loved, you upload a photo! In this way you can share your experience with other users. Also, the presence of pictures helps to get an idea of the tapas bar offers and choose the one you like.

how reliable Is the information?

Tappear offers detailed information of all bars to which the users have gone. The exact address, contact details (phone and email), and their hours of opening are specified. In this way plan your visit it is much easier, and you avoid some of the unpleasant surprises such as meet the bar closed.

in Addition, for the convenience of users, the app provides a list with the specialties of each bar. For those who have vegetarians or people with allergies in your group of friends, it will make it much easier to find the bar ideal. To finish, and to make things even better, you can save your favorites and so remember them for your next visit.

Have you used Tappear any time? What other app tops? Oh tell us your experience!

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