The best games and apps new for Android of this week

We approach the end of this week will be more busy, we have witnessed the arrival of the first beta of Android Q, the next major update of the operating system that we have already been able to try to examine all the new features and changes to fund, but we do not forget our weekly selection of best apps & new games for Android.

As every week for the last 73, today you select the three best applications and the best three new games that have landed in Google Play in the last days. This time, in addition, the selection comes especially charged, with news as important as Stardew Valley is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Best apps of the week for Android


Android-9 Foot, Google introduced a series of tools aimed to promote the “well-being digital”, by raising awareness of the users about how to use their devices, and what are the apps that most time is stolen every day. Daywise, the first application of our selection of this week, takes even further this initiative, “generating” an inbox of notifications where it will stop automatically all the received messages, and only show up at the scheduled time by the user.

of course, it is possible to change what type of notifications are stored in the background to be displayed once the time comes. The application can already be descargaren Google Play, although for the moment not available in Europe. Meanwhile, it is possible to download and install the APK file manually.


If you were looking for a new application of wallpaper where to find perfect images for your mobile phone with OLED screen, AMOLED mnml is the app that you should try this week. It is completely free of charge, and includes hundreds of wallpapers in high-resolution — 4000 x 3200 pixels–.

WPS Fill & Sign

The last application of our selection this week is WPS, Fill & Sign, the last tool belonging to the suite office WPS, which allows you to fill and sign PDF documents from your mobile in a simple way.

Is completely free of charge, and in addition allow to sign or enter text in the documents, includes the possibility of share them later, and even import documents directly from the phone’s camera.

Best games of the week for Android

Stardew Valley

Was, probably, one of the most anticipated games of the first half of 2019, and is finally among us. Stardew Valley just landed on Android, and comes directly from the major consoles to allow us to create and design our own environment –which later will have to take care–, at the same time that it offers the possibility of relating with other villagers to the place.

The game is not free, and in fact price of 8.99 euros can be high. However, we must not forget that it is a fantastic adaptation of the title since coming to major platforms in 2016 has not stopped receiving praise from players and critics.

Returner Zhero – Final Cut

Perhaps the game, of puzzles more impressive that we have been lucky enough to see in Android so far in 2019. Returner Zhero – Final Cut we proposed to enter into a fantastic world filled with puzzles, that will have to be resolved to be able to put up a strange alien technology. All this, accompanied by a graphic and sound care to the smallest detail.

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

For those who prefer a game of puzzles something more quiet that Returner Zhero, this week we celebrated the arrival of Tick Tock: A Tale for Two. this Is a graphic adventure multiplayer in which yes or yes will have to take part two players, where each one will have to install the game on your device, whether mobile, tablet or computer.

once you start the game the mission will be to get to escape from a mysterious world, solving the various puzzles that appear along the way. As was expected due to the format of the game, the cooperation between the players is crucial in order to meet the objectives.

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