The best games and apps new for Android of this week

Even with a hangover from our extensive compilation of best Android apps of the year 2018, the time has come to retake the section in which we select the best apps and the best new games that, over the past few days, have landed officially on Google Play.

In this first selection of the year, as we have been doing it for 65 consecutive weeks, we look at the what’s new in apps and games for Android to select the 3 best options in each category.

Best Android apps of the week

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda Lite

One of our favorite apps of the year 2018 was Calendar Widget by Home Agenda, one of the best widgets for calendar and agenda for Android that we have tested in the past years, created by the renowned developer F. Franco.

For many, however, the price of the app –more than 2 euros– I missed you back when you try this fantastic implementation. For this reason, the developer has decided to create a “Lite” version, which as he explains on his Twitter account shares code with the complete edition, though they have blocked the customization options of the widget. Despite this, it still remains a fantastic tool.


If you are lover of free software, and you want to be always up to date, GitNews is a useful application that collects the most interesting projects drawn from sources such as Reddit, HackerNews or GitHub. The app also features a clean design and care for the navigation between projects is completely intuitive.

Clip Cloud

Clip Cloud is one of those tools that should be included by default in Android, but that for some reason are not. This utility allows you to to synchronize the clipboard of your mobile phone with the computer –whether Windows, Linux or Mac– through the Google Cloud Message. Simply install the app on the mobile, and the Chrome extension on your computer, and start to copy and paste text between devices. Your creator, in addition, assures us that from the next day, January 20, all the copied content will automatically be encrypted to keep information safe.

Best Android games of the week

King Crusher

One of the best Android games of this week is, without a doubt, King Crusher. This original role-playing game will allow us to explore dozens of dungeons, where you will find enemies for you to fight putting to the test our skills. Its mechanics are simple, and the game offers us more than 60 different events for the fun to last for hours.


you Are trapped in an alternate reality, but you have no idea how you got there. Now, your mission is to escape. This is the premise that we proposed OutRush, an action game with fascinating visuals-graphics retro, where we handle a ship, and the mission is to overcome each level avoiding obstacles, or destroying those barriers that stand in the way.


For lovers of action games, this week we celebrated the arrival of Ramageddon, a title of multiplayer battles where the mission will be to expel the rival from the map, avoiding of course they do the same with us. The first to get it, you win the game.

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