The best funds of screen of the week to your mobile

The users of Reddit go up daily to the forum wallpapers free for Android, some of them of quite high quality and taste. Their origin is varied, from several applications that we can download wallpapers authors themselves who decide to share their works. Therefore, everyone is free to access, so you can download them and apply them in your terminal without the slightest problem.

Today, collect the best wallpapers free, in which you’ll find pictures of different types and categories. At the end of the article you will find an access to a link to Google Drive from which you’ll be able to download them all in highest quality, remember not to download them from the images that we show, as have a lot of compression.

Give a new touch to your Android

The quality of the wallpapers, as you can appreciate, it is good even with the compression. As you said, their background is varied, although we have sought as a common factor, the color, and maximum resolution. The format, in addition, it is suitable for your mobile phone, even more so if this is one of the new formats that depart from the 18:9.

The sizes vary, something normal and not affect you too much because your launcher will allow you to rescale the content to adapt it to your panel.

Google Drive | Download wallpaper

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