The best external battery pack for play Pokémon to GO

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¡Pokémon GO ruin the battery of the mobile! We have given an analysis of a-hour battery that spends the Pokémon GO in a smartphone, so, I think that you would do well to buy an external battery if you have not yet added to the cart. There are many, but I’m going to tell you which is the best external battery to play Pokémon GO, at least the one I like best because I’ve tested a few.

The best external battery to play Pokémon GO there, although depending on the user, you could love more one or the other. I want to talk to you about Aukey, a brand that is very good in this sector that makes a battery good quality and design, you will enter through the eyes. This Aukey has 6,000 mAh and you can buy on Amazon very cheap, only 12 euros.

mejor bateria externa pokemon go

The best external battery to play Pokémon GO

If you’re looking for a good external battery or external charger to play Pokémon GO, this will surprise you. We talk about Aukey 6,000 mAh you have for more and for less), but this gives to 2 charges for most smartphones, that is why we recommend.

  • product Dimensions: 16,4 x 8,2 x 1,8 cm
  • Weight: 181 grams.
  • Capacity: 6,000 mAh.

buy it on Amazon for 12 €

The final price of this external battery Aukey is 12,79 euros with shipping premium. What you will receive at your home free and in 1 day. I of it not I thought. I have it and it goes perfect.

you Can buy it from the following link:

Purchase the external battery Aukey 6000 mAh

If you look, you have what is Lightning but interestingly cheaper. It is one of the chargers external best rated Amazon.

With fast-load for 16 €

We have this other option with quick load but is more expensive. Has what Quick Charge 2.0:

bateria externa carga rapida

Purchase the external battery Aukey 6000 mAh fast charging

If you are not convinced or is not what you’re looking for don’t worry, we recommend Amazon for your shopping. You will find batteries of greater or lesser capacity. If you are still looking for, sure that something appears, and you can always ask in the comments. As a brand this is one of the best. Confidence and durability.

Is perfect gift. The physical aspect is ten.

can You buy? Do you recommend another?

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