The best drones for less than 50€ that you can find this 2019

¿Are you looking for a good drone but don’t want to spend too much? Then you are in the right place. We have made a selection of the best drones with and without a camera that you can find with a price below 50 euros.

All of the models that we bring to you are of the shop Gearbest for what you have 2 years warranty in Spain.

JRC H36 Mini, the most economical of the list

If you saw the video you may have noticed that it is a drone small enough but not for this reason ceases to be very resistant against shocks and falls from a great height. Despite the fact that it fits in the palm of your hand is very powerful and you can get great speed.

Hardly you will be able to get another drone with so much quality at a more affordable price. Only costs 16.07€ and comes with 4 propellers spare and two batteries.

SG-700, easy to carry

The clone of the DJI Phantom 3 allows you to manage it through your remote or through your smartphone. You can move it in any direction without needing to know which is the front, thanks to the way headless.

Has a good camera that will provide you with excellent photographs and thanks to your battery 1800mAh you can perform flights of up to 20 minutes duration.

it Is available in white and black at a cost of 44.25€.

TIANQU XS809W, the clone of the Mavic Pro DJI

For finalizarte bring you another excellent option. This drone is very resistant to any shock or fall what makes it ideal for beginners.

it Offers a time-of-flight of 13 minutes and has a HD camera that moves back and forth to get the best results.

Has a cost of 37.17€ and comes in 4 different colors, white, blue, red, and black.

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