The beginnings and evolution of smartphones with curved screens

LG G Flex

Do you like curves? do not know what will be your answer, but of course, those who do know it’s like the Koreans. At least Samsung and LG Clearly, like, a lot. Today we speak of history of curved screens in the smartphones technology that does not yet seem to provide much use, and that each company adopts its own way.

So then see which ones were the beginning of the curved screens, the first smartphones in which they appeared, and the last to make use of them so that We can realize its evolution over the years. Here we go!

Those who started everything

Google Nexus S

Google Nexus S, the first Google Nexus successor, was a major evolutionary leap, and also added an interesting idea. can not say that the screen was curved, but it was his glass . Anyway, this is the first advance in this curves screens.

Google Nexus S

Google Galaxy Nexus

A year later appeared the Google Galaxy Nexus, Samsung work again, and this time saw really a curved screen, but slightly . We could say, therefore, that the Google Galaxy Nexus is really the first smartphone with curved screen of history.


Samsung Galaxy Round

And after two years of waiting, in 2013, and again Samsung, who seemed bent on cornering is pulled from a hat the Samsung Galaxy Round with a curvature not high, but aside side , but I also was flexible, but yes, ** mounted on a concave rigid body (probably the technology is still not allowed to create a totally flexible set), so that flexibility did not play to the user.
Terminal con pantalla flexible

LG G Flex

Finally, another quintessential South Korea, LG, gave the jump to the smartphones curved, and mounted his LG G Flex OLED screen also curved, flexible, but progress in this occasion, is that around the terminal could flex , but obviously not too much. In addition, the back can be repaired only by the use of a resin.

The latest batch

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Again, Samsung introduced a new concept named “Edge”. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and in its side of the screen has a curve, which gives the terminal occasional special function, and above all, great personality . Yes, this is another type of curve, but nevertheless we will neglect it.

LG G Flex 2

With the LG G Flex 2 came the evolution of the first step of LG in flexible displays, and certainly progress was evident, now with a panel of higher quality and higher resolution, Full HD, rather than HD original model .

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Of course, Samsung was not going to leave in limbo his new invention, and also improved with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. On this occasion, instead of a curved side, we have both, so lefties will no longer feel discriminated .


Believe it or not, LG G4 also has curved screen, though much less significant than that of the LG G Flex 2 (radius of 3,000 millimeters versus 17,000). The curvature is visible in the back.

LG G4 oficial

As we see, over these five years have seen various concepts and interesting evolution, but for the moment, there appears to be a standard to which all manufacturers are willing to take. It is also to see the response from other companies, that seem expectantly to the movements of the two Korean , which makes sense, moreover, they are the most advantaged in this area.

Analysts say that this year we will see progress in this regard, and of course, what is clear is that it is something that is marked in large letters on the roadmaps as both Samsung LG . We will then see what they surprise us in the future.

And you, what do you think the curves in smartphone screens? How do you think will be in the future?

And you do you think? Head over to the beginnings and evolution of smartphones with curves to make your mark displays.

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