The attack ransomware spreads around the world

Yesterday I informed you about the attack by hackers that affected some of the main Spanish companies. Telefónica and Vodafone were some of the main affected. When it became public the news, there were not many data on this attack. We knew it was a attack ransomware. Due to this type of attack can not access the information in the computer, and attackers often ask for a bailout. In the beginning only, there were reports that said that the attack affected Spanish companies.

throughout the day were coming out more news you have changed the image of the attack. It is a attack on a global scale. Spain is not the only victim of this attack. More and more countries have been adding to the list of attacked, which serves to see the great magnitude of this attack.

cyber Attack on a global scale

Until now, Kaspersky Lab have confirmed the presence of this attack ransomware in 74 countries, although the figure has increased, to the 99. Among them, Russia, united Kingdom, United States or Germany. Although the attack has come even to countries in Africa and South America. Yesterday evening, the number of attacks recorded exceeded 45.000, but does not rule out that is in excess of that number.

The good news arrive thanks to a security patch Windows that has helped to stop the attack. Another aspect that will also serve as a good sign is that the attack does not affect any client of the companies concerned. Therefore, any client of Telephone or Vodafone will be affected by this attack ransomware. Without a doubt a news that will leave calm to many users.

Until the moment it is known that the attack has been produced by a WanaCrypt0r, a variant of WCry / WannaCry. What is still there is no information’s about the authors of this attack. Yesterday there were rumors about an attack by chinese hackers. So far there has been no confirmation about it. It remains to wait a few days until the situation calms down a bit and the information is much more concise.

Source | BBC

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