The 5 bots Telegram most popular

The guys from Telegram does not cease to surprise us. They have released a contest of bots (BotPrize) to know which of the bots are the most popular or best of the world. If you want to know the 5 bots Telegram most popular or best, you can not miss what we are going to tell you in this article (although I must say that the thing has been close). With the time, the bar will be increasingly high.

Not too long ago we told you that the bots were one of the reasons to use Telegram. Even if you don’t, either because you don’t need it or because you don’t use Telegram, there are many users that already know how to have fun and take advantage of them to the bots. Today we’re going to talk about how are the bots of the TOP 5.

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The 5 bots Telegram most popular

These bots elect not to have waste. The 5 you’re going to be able to use them now since Telegram. Simply you have to install from the shop bot to summon them with @ and their name.

  • @icon8bot. This bot apply filters to your photographs. As the photos are of fashion, it is clear that it had to be the number 1.
  • @integram_bot. This bot makes that you can create integrations with other apps and services.
  • @werewolfbot. A game for groups.
  • @strangerbot. This bot is amazing because it connects two users of Telegram random to know (anonymous).
  • @octopocket_bot. With this bot you will be able to send money between users (a breakthrough).

As you can see, these bots are not nonsense, because there is much work behind in addition to good ideas. Focused on the present, as are the payments, filters,, and so These filters winners go through productivity, games, finance, dating, photo editing… that is why there is a champion within these fields. These are the bots reward, so you have to congratulate them.

you Can try now (and this is only the beginning)

This is just the beginning of something even greater. Because, although you don’t control this from the bots, when discovered, your life will be easier. This is still the beginning. Certainly very interesting (I don’t know if you also has similar). But these 5 bots Telegram popular you can use them now from the app. You just have to install them and summon them.

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do you Know any bot of Telegram that is good?

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