The 5 best sticks selfie with Bluetooth you can buy

The sticks of selfie are a fad that took off from one moment to another and has already become indispensable to the Blogger, Youtubers, and all those lovers of photography who want to get good shots with the help of this mechanical arm.

Although, in the beginning these sticks selfie is seen as something stupid, no one knows exactly how it managed to reach so many sales on Amazon. According to the virtual store in the last December, the sale was 400% of this accessory and also something that is sold so exorbitant was the Moto X for 239 euros.

The 5 sticks selfie with bluetooth to buy on Amazon

TaoTronics Stick Selfie Bluetooth

TaoTronics Palo Selfie

This is an extendable arm which has a 78 cm long and 5.6 cm – 8.9 cm-width in their dimensions, supports iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3.6 onwards. Works with most smartphones with the exception of the Sony and the operating system of Windows. In addition, it has a compact body, ideal to carry with you to travel where you do not have much space in the suitcase and your price on Amazon of 8.99 euros.

TaoTronics for 8,99 €

Mpow iSnap Pro X

Mpow iSnap Pro x

A stick of selfie very simple and easy to use, has measures of 18 cm and reaches a maximum of 81cm, its stability is in a U-shape that provides sufficient restraint for your mobile. In addition, it includes an extra strap for the wrist, and is compatible for most of the terminals, either Android or iOs. Has a price of 9.99 euros on Amazon.

Mpow iSnap Pro X for 9,99 euros

Arespark Stick Selfie Bluetooth

Arespark Palo Selfie Bluetooth

Account with a single lock to secure mobile phones or cameras, is built with aluminum and has a strap at the wrist for greater security, can be rotated to 180° to find the perfect angle and extends up to 50 inches. On the other hand, has a command of bluetooth to capture the images, but you must keep in mind that this command only works with mobile phones, this means that with GoPro and cameras do not. This stick of selfies is a bit more advanced than the previous two, and therefore a little more expensive with a price of 14.99.

Arespark for 14.99 euros

BlitzWolf Stick Selfie Bluetooth

BlitzWolf Palo Selfie Bluetooth

A new stick selfie made of aluminum with a filler of a plastic ergonomic, has an adjustable length of 22,35 cm 90,17 cm Among its features we find a lithium battery 200mAh rechargeable in 2 hours, but its use can last up to 20 hours of work in standby mode. In addition, it is compatible with most smart phones and action cameras. price on Amazon is 19.99 euro.

BlitzWolf for 19,99 euros

Mpow Stick Selfie Bluetooth

Mpow Palo Selfie Bluetooth

it Is very easy to use and has a perfect bluetooth connectivity with instant setup and account with a wrist strap. Is adjustable up to 270° with a bracket that can be located on any point to make the best selfies. In addition, it has a reflector post-positional to touch up makeup before taking the photos. In their most relevant features, we find a powerful 1500mAh battery that lasts up to 72 hours with a single charge, 30 days in connection with bluetooth and 3 years in standby mode. This great stick selfie has a price of 19,99 euro on Amazon.

Mpow for 19,99 euros

5 good options at the time of buy or give away a stick of selfie to capture all the good moments of life, to share it with friends, and then upload it to the networks. It is certainly something that is essential for the outputs to do some extreme sport or a trip with friends.

do you Have any of these?

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