The 5 best series of superhero that you can enjoy on Netflix

DC Comics and Marvel have created a number countless of superheroes with interesting stories. Both companies always do what is necessary to keep happy their fans. For this reason, today we show you the 5 best series of superheroes to watch on Netflix.

No matter if you prefer the superheroes from Marvel or DC, in the following list you will find series for all tastes.

The 5 best series of superheroes that are on Netflix


Daredevil is a series of action and drama that is based on the story of the superhero from Marvel.

Matt Murdock is a lawyer who became blind in an accident and now your four senses remaining is increased. Even though you can’t see, take advantage of your other senses super-developed to fight crime during the night, using the nickname Daredevil.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is a citizen of New York with superhuman strength and skin indestructible. Thanks to this, he is not afraid to fight organized crime within the big apple. If you were looking for entertainment, action and some humor, then you’ll love this series based on the superhero of Marvel.

The Punisher

A series features the adventures of the Punisher, the popular hero of Marvel. After you take revenge on the criminals who killed his family, this ex-military discovers a giant conspiracy and will do what is necessary to stop it.

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If you are a fan of superheroes, then you’ll love the series of Flash. This follows the story of Barry Allen, the human who became the fastest person in the world thanks to a series of strange events.

DC Titans

DC Titans follows the story of a young heroes seeking their place in the world of the vigilante. Dick Grayson is separated from Batman and is meeting with Rachel Cloth, Starfire, and the Guy Beast to form a team of heroes fighting against a conspiracy that seeks to bring hell to earth.

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And you, what was the series you most liked?

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