The 5 best mobile from Xiaomi offer for a few hours [ONLY TODAY]

Today we have available in AliexPress a few offers that you will not be able to refuse to buy the 5 best mobile from Xiaomi offer for a few hours. It is clear that smartphones like My Mix, RedMi Note 4, My 5, My Max and RedMi 3S are the best you’ll find of the brand Xiaomi in price-quality ratio. We want to get the best price. ¡¡But the offer will only be available today, December 27th!! Hurry if you want to get the 5 best mobile from Xiaomi offer for a few hours.

mejores moviles xiaomi oferta

5 best mobile from Xiaomi offer for a few hours

Only today you’ll be able to buy the best mobile from Xiaomi at the lowest prices seen before. Are terminals popular with users and good, because you’ll find all kinds of terminals. With more screen, less, more power, or power set, and much more.

you can’t lose this mobile deals Xiaomi for a few hours. Remember that will only be available today, December 27, (no, not a joke). Once the end of the day today will cost the price of before, which is much more expensive because there is now a special discount that offers AliexPress in mobile from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

In your point, you talk about the Xiaomi Mi Mix-in-depth. This terminal stands out for having a screen of 6.4 inches and processor of high-end Snapdragon 821, with a battery 4.400 mAh, metal body and NFC total. It is the best you’ll find, because it is a high-end perfect for users who are looking for a mobile big screen.


price of Xiaomi Mi Mix is 680 euros. It is one of the best smartphones of Xiaomi that you can buy for this price. It is the most expensive, but it is also the best, because you will not find mobile as good for that price. Stands out for its futuristic design without frames. If you like the terminals of this style, please don’t hesitate because only today you will be able to buy it at this offer price.

RedMi Note 4

If you like mobile type Note, you can not miss the Note 4. The design is the best you’ll find because it is completely metallic. Stands out for its processor deca-core and a MediaTek Helium X20. We especially like its screen curved 2.5 D

Xiaomi RedMi Note 4

This terminal is one of the best you’ll find for this price. The offer price of 136 euros. Hurry, because it is a very low price considering its specs. The best you’ll find in the market for this price. Only today at the best price.

Xiaomi Mi 5

This terminal is regarded as the best mobile of 2016 in relation quality-price. Is our winner, because it has some impressive features for its low price. The design is impressive and the price is even more. It is one of the best and most popular.

opinion xiaomi mi5

This Mi5 stands out by equipping a processor Snapdragon 820 with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Are the characteristics of a medium to high range, so you don’t have to waste any. Stands out for its camera UFS 2.0 Flash 4-axis OIS and body of glass 3D. You’ll be able to buy offer only today 194 euro. ¡¡You only have today 27 December to buy it at a bargain price!!

Xiaomi Mi Max

do Not confuse this with smartphone the Xiaomi Mi Mix that we show at the beginning of the article. Are mobile similar on one aspect, and it is on the screen. IF you are looking for a terminal large screen, the Xiaomi Mi Max bet by 6.4 inches. If to this we add that the capacity of the battery is 4,850 mAh, is one of the best options that you can find in the market.

xiaomi mi max

By only 155 euros you’ll be able to buy today with these mobile deals Xiaomi in AliexPress. It is a price impressive given the specifications of the smartphone. ¡¡The offer will only be available during the day today!

RedMi 3S

In this list, nor could miss the RedMi 3S. Is the mobile of Xiaomi’s cheapest of this list, because bet for a performance which is intended for the basic user who needs a range low-medium cheap.

Xiaomi RedMi 3S Comprar

This smartphone stands out because it is the best you’ll find without a doubt for the price of 100 euros. Equipped with a metal body with a chip Snapdragon 430 and an impressive 13 MP camera. You’ll be able to take good pictures and at a reduced price. The battery of 4,100 mAh promises to handle the day. It has everything for your price of just 100 euros just today. ¡¡Hurry up before they run out of units!!

Offers available only today, December 27,

would You have liked these phones from Xiaomi? For we are the 5 best mobile from Xiaomi offer for a few hours. The guys from AliexPress have decided to throw the house out the window, because you’re going to be able to buy these phones from Xiaomi good and inexpensive, at the best price that never before had seen.

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¡¡Remember that these deals on mobile phones Xiaomi will only be available today!!

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