The 5 best games for Chromecast

5 juegos para Chromecast

If you are looking for the best games for Chromecast, you’ve reached the perfect place because we have 5 games for Chromecast with that and have some fun with your friends. We are faced with a collection that will allow us to play with friends or by ourselves, to always have something to do we are where we are. Are we seriously going to lose?

5 games to Chromecast

In this article we bring to you a collection of 5 games for Chromecast for the play on your own or with your friends. These games live on Google Play, and all except one are free. Do you dare to try them?

juegos para chromecast

  • Just Dance Now: if you want to move the skeleton from your Chromecast you’ll be able to do it with Just Dance Now for your Chromecast. Start having fun with your friends in the best way: dancing. In addition, the discharge is free, so you have no excuse to start dancing from your living room. The note is 4.2 in Google Play, so you will see that the community is happy.
  • Monopoly: surely the classic Monopoly game you love to both you and your friends, so if that is so, it is time that you hit download and begin to enjoy it on your Chromecast. This version comes perfectly adapted for play on a TV screen, so don’t hesitate to try it. Has a 3.1 note. The downside, is that not what we have available in Spain.
  • The roulette of fortune: if you’ve ever seen this program you are sure to love it, and want to play it on the Chromecast so long as your only as accompanied. 3 participants will have to spin the roulette and find panels. The more points earned, the winner will be. The downside is the price 3,40 euros, and is also in English. If you like it, I encourage you to try it because you’ll like it.
  • 2048 for Chromecast: one of the last games of vicious market, the 2048, comes to Chromecast for you to enjoy or to despair more than ever from the big screen. It is best that you can download it now free. The public is happy, has a 3,9 of note. Are you going to begin to combine numbers to reach the 2048?
  • Motion Tennis Cast: what tennis is one of your hobbies? Prove it now on the field of play but without having to change and staining, you’ll be able to enjoy a great experience from your Chromecast and free. Your TV is the field and your mobile the racket. What are you waiting for to try it? The note is 3.9. Are you ready to burn calories without leaving the living room?

The best games on the big screen

This collection of 5 games for Chromecast is very interesting, because you’ll be able to try them out with your friends or alone, because we do not always want to be accompanied. Have fun with the best games from the big screen, without having to do it only from your mobile.

Note: In multiplayer games, each player will need to have installed the app to start playing.

what is the game you get to enjoy it on your Chromecast? Do you prefer some other? You can on these days in the comments.

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