The 5 best apps for root users

¿Are you root? So, today I bring you a list of the 5 best apps for root users. It is clear that if you have permissions of super user on your Android phone it is normal to want to squeeze it to the max with apps that others can’t use.

So if you are looking for this, you can not miss this article because you talk of the best apps. And all free of course for you to try it now on your Android.

Root Android

The 5 best apps for root users

Although there are many apps in the Play Store available, these are the ones that we recommend trying. Are good apps and good notes and comments by the users, which reaffirm that they are very good apps and can’t be missing:

Titanium BackUp Root

This app is chosen by the users as one of the must-haves, especially if you are used to playing with ROMs on a regular basis. Allows you to make backup. It is one of the apps most well-known and popular.

Titanium Backup ★ root (Free, Google Play) →

Smart Booster

We are faced with a cleaner junk smart. Actually, it eliminates the garbage, the remaining remnants of the apps that we delete and all the dirt that is there in the mobile. App is a pretty good and interesting for Android.

Smart Booster – Free Cleaner (Free+, Google Play) →


This app is intended for the automation and configuration tasks, so if you are a root user is one of the must-have apps that will certainly allow you to get the most out of your mobile phone now that you’ve rooted.

MacroDroid – Automation (Free+, Google Play) →


This is an application for root users more well-known since the end of the times. If this sounds the mode Doze, let’s say that it is much more aggressive, so that save battery of truth. You’ll have to configure it well so that you work.

Greenify (Free, Google Play) →

Root Checker

This app also not to be missed ever because it goes to the grain and tells you whether or not you have root permissions on your phone. Is one of the best apps that we found in the store for download, and since then the first that you need to have after rooting your smartphone.

Root Checker (Free+, Google Play) →

You have liked our list of the 5 best apps for root users? Do you recommend other? Do not hesitate to tell us some good that we will add.