The 5 best apps for retouching your selfies

The selfies will not pass away from fashion for a long time, so it would be good that you learn how to use any of these 5 great apps for retouching selfies that we have brought to you. Achieves the results you want instantly. And best of all is that they are all free and you can download it from this article.


it Is one of the most popular applications. The developers claim that, by very good that it is a photo never comes bad a touch up. And it is true, to remove these impurities or blemishes you have on your face is not others.

you Can make a variety of improvements such as, make more brilliant the eyes and the hair, rejuvenate the skin, broaden the smile, to highlight the cheekbones and the eyebrows etc


What makes it stand out, this app is the result pretty natural that provides after using any of its functions, something difficult to achieve with the majority of apps.

you Can whiten your teeth, improve the lighting, touch up your eyes, to blur any area of the image, and even reduce or increase any part of your body with a few touches.


An application that allows you to make modifications more daring as change the color of eyes or maximize it, change the color of hair, change the shades of shadows, lipstick and blush, remove dark circles, etc. All this is possible thanks to over 20 tools that has the application to modify your image.

And best of all is that, like the rest of the application in this list is that is free.


more than 50 styles of makeup and 100 filters that allow you to achieve unique results. In addition, you can create collages and share them in the different social networks.

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Also has a wide variety of tools to edit and enhance your videos. You don’t need to be a professional to achieve excellent results.


Meitu has a function quite entertaining in that you can create a version in cartoon of yourself. Account with a function that is called Beautify, which automatically enhances the image by cleaning any impurities and giving it shine. If you wish to learn this application in more detail, check out this article.

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