The 5 best apps for Android Wear

there is a growing number of applications for Android Wear that are available in the Play Store. That is why it is sometimes very difficult to find the best. Or applications that fit our needs at certain times.

As we know, there are different categories of applications. The use each one makes of its smartwatch is never the same. there Are so many utilities that each focuses on tools that more productivity contribution. As with smartphones, there are two smartwatch with the same applications installed.

you Choose the application’s Android wear more useful.

Although the applications used are those related to notifications of messaging, there are many more. – end time, crowd games. Are those related to the health and healthy life. And as not, the applications with utilities to make sport.

The use of the applications depends in large part on the possibilities that offer each smartwatch. According to the power or features of the device we will be able to give according to that earnings type. For this reason, each user has different needs and makes use of different applications.

Today we are going to show that to us is the “top five” apps for Android wear. If you find difficult to decide for one in particular, or not find a suitable, maybe this selection of apps can help you.

The top five applications of Android wear.

Runtastic PRO: Running, Fitness


Every time there are more people buying a smartwatch by the compatibility with the sports activities. No longer enough for us to do sport, or go for a run. we Want to have a monitoring of the activity performed. With Runtastic, we will have that and much more.

Is one of the most complete and best valued of all the Google store. With more than a hundred and ninety thousand downloads, and a score in the Play Store 4.5 out of 5 it is clear the quality it offers. Runtastic offers you a virtual personal trainer for your activity of running or cycling.

Runtastic offers us, among other things, a GPS tracking very accurate. Daily workouts with data on progression. detailed Graphs and charts to close the chosen path that records the elevation of the terrain, slopes, etc Control of heart rate, calories, pace. In short, one of the sports applications more complete and reliable.

WP-Appbox: Runtastic PRO: Running, Fitness ($4.99+, Google Play) →

Football News-Onefootball

noticias de fútbol

If you are a fan of the sport and do not want to miss anything this application may interest you. Application awarded by Google in 2015 in the field of Apps related to the football. With a updated version in March of 2017 offers us real-time information in more than 200 football leagues.

With the markers in direct that we wish we will not lose detail of the game that is being played. “push” Notifications to-the-moment goals, or major incident of the match, with high-capacity configuration. for 4.6 rating in the Play Store reflects the high satisfaction of its users.

If through your veins runs blood “soccer” this is the application that can not miss on your smartwatch. You’ll have all the information of what happens in direct in every game. You’ll even be able to make batons and stakes, and share with your friends your predictions about the goals or results. An application very recommended to always be informed.

WP-Appbox: Onefootball Live Soccer Scores (Free, Google Play) →

Wear All

Wear Todo

An application that can not miss in your smartwatch if you’re a little clueless. If you spend all day connected, but you forget important things. Or you passed the time of the meeting and not you remembered. Wear, All that will make your schedule be aware of it, and not you of it.

simple Interface, and simple application will equal to success. This application does not need much more to fulfill his task. Remind you of events or tasks to the time that each one corresponds. We have the options of customization of text, or background, or share the tasks.

The best thing is that the introduction of the appointments or pending tasks can be done through the voice. You will not have to write on your smartwatch or on your phone. So simple you’ll be able to record all appointments for the day, and Wear All will take care of you do not forget anything.

WP-Appbox: Wear All (Free, Google Play) →



One of the main problems that presents the screen of a smartwatch is to write in it. The reduced size of the same, and the awkwardness of using a keyboard is reason enough to reply to a message through the phone. With Fluenty this will no longer be necessary.

This application helps you answer all your messages easy and very fast. Your system recognizes the conversation and offers us different possible answers. Compatible with all messaging applications instant Fluenty will allow you to follow your conversations through the smartwatch.

With the analysis of more than 700 million conversations, its search engine offers you the alternatives most used. All this, in addition to adding a point of wit, very personal. You can create your list of responses used. Saves time and always answer.

WP-Appbox: Fluenty (Free+, Google Play) →



In this small collection could not miss a game. Yes, our smartwatches are also used to the boredom away from us. For very small are their screens, there are developers who bet on games on a small scale.

Although some consider that the smartwatches have dimensions uncomfortable for a game not many years ago we had phones with displays even lower. Therefore PaperCraft will spend a fun time without many complications. A simple game but very fun.

Enjoy in your screen, a small space battle style “retro”. Eliminate all the enemies. Save and share your exploits more epic. With a design very minimalist and attractive your smartwatch becomes the scene of a battle in interstellar.

WP-Appbox: PaperCraft (Free, Google Play) →

What os has seemed to our top five apps for the smartwatch?. We know that there are many more, but today we have chosen these. If you have any App that you consider essential to your smartwatch, what are you waiting for to recommend?.

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