The 4 best tricks to cheat in any Android game

If you feel frustrated with any Android game that you can’t overcome or that you just can’t win, then we teach 4 tricks to be the best in any game of Android.

Warning: all the tricks at once, we will not work with online games. That is to say, not the you can use to win in PUBG Mobile or similar games. If you use it in a game that requires an Internet connection, surely you will be banned and you will not be able to play with your account.

Change the time on your Android to receive before the daily rewards

Hacer trampa en juegos de Android cambiando la hora

There are a large number of Android games that give you certain rewards for playing every day. These rewards can be, for example, coins or tokens to purchase things in the game.

If you don’t want to wait to receive the coins the next day, you can advance the time on your Android and to make the game believe that it is already a new day. This simple trick works with most of games based on the time, but carrying your mobile to your future.

To change the time and date of your Android, do the following:

  • Enter to Setup.
  • Select Date and time.
  • Disables the options “automatic Date and time” and “automatic time Zone”.
  • Press Set date to change the day or Set time to change the time.

Cheat Engine: an app to hack Android games

Cheat Engine app para hackear juegos de android

With Cheat Engine you can easily modify the internal values of any game to get unlimited resources or infinite health, for example. In general, you can change any numeric parameter of any game to your whim.

To be a app to hack games, Cheat Engine is not in the Play Store, so you’ll need to download the APK on their official website. Its latest version does not require root.

Install the APK modified of the games

APK modificados de juegos para Android

When it comes to hack Android games, download a version already modified by the game that you want is the best way to do it. So, you’ll be able to get all the resources premium that you want to without having to apply any trick.

Currently, there are several web pages that offer games modified for Android free of charge. You can find the one that you want by simply googling the name of the game along with the word “MOD” or “MOD APK”.

Play online on private servers

Clash of clan mod APK con servidores privados

at The beginning we clarify that you can’t use these tricks, or cheat in online games, because eventually you will be banned. However, there is still a form of use all of your unlimited resources in an online game. To do this, you need to install the APK modified of the online game that you want and, when you open it, you are connected automatically to their private servers.

In theory, you’ll play the same game, but in reality you will not be able to play online against your friends who are playing the official version down from Google Play. They will play since the official server and you from one pirate, therefore, can not be found. In addition, remember that in the server pirate they all have exactly the same advantages as you, so that games can be a total chaos.

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