The 3 best decks to win the Challenge Retro Royale

The Challenge Retro Royale as it is right now in the game to try it. You’ll be able to win a lot of chests and gold by the way, in addition, it is quite easy to play. But to win you’ll have to choose a good deck or master pretty well the cards you play.

A trick is to take the deck more master, and change any letter in the most similar of those available, that you know that you are the first. Now let’s go, then, with this list of 3 decks to win Challenge Retro Royale. We’ll leave you also a video of Alvaro for you get inspired:

3 decks to win Challenge Retro Royale

Surely you have heard by your clan to win this challenge is to easy. It is a special event that will be available until Sunday. You can win treasure chests and even a magical one if you get to the end. These are 3 good decks that you can try:

  • Deck 1: download, arrows, horde of minions, mounts, rocket, barrel, army of skeletons and barbarian. It is not too costly in elixir, but it is quite strong and full. If you have experience with these cards and on all mounts, barbarians and henchmen, sure that you like and is going well.
  • Deck 2: golem, collector arqueras, baby dragon, fire ball, army skeletons, skeletons and tower hell. If you know how to play with golem and collector, this is your deck. It is strong and does enough damage from the back.
  • on Deck 3: prince, fury, shock, mage, knight, PEKKA, arrows, and arqueras. If we have in mind that we have a magician behind the PEKKA, arqueras, prince and fury we are without a doubt one of the best and strongest to win this challenge. It is foolproof and you can take real beatings.

If you want to win, now you have all the ingredients to do with these decks for the retro royale, an event that you will have a few days to earn. Remember, that once you win, you will not be able to play again to bring you more prizes.

don’t miss this other video

Any of these 3 decks to win Challenge Retro Royale going to serve insurance. If you start losing, you try to train a bit to get used to it. You already see that are different from each other and the letters key are mounted, golem and PEKKA. Play the one you like the most.

¡¡we Hope that you have served and you take the prize!!! If you wish, you can share yours with us.