The 3 best apps of wallpapers for Android


Today we bring you a list of the best apps to customize our Android mobile phone: three applications wallpapers. The funds screen is the most customizable gadgets technology, whether we talk about Android, like Windows, iOS.**

For us it is very important to the customization, and it is one of the key points to break the monotony of the day-to-day, and what better than a wallpaper, which is fast changing and it affects significantly. Because on occasion we have provided some applications to get the best funds of screen, and even any time we brought you the wallpapers specific to each terminal that goes out to the market.

Walli, Zedge and Tapet, 3 apps wallpapers

are Not names of robots or mobile brands, are three applications to download the wallpapers that we bring in from the channel UrbanTecno. We are confident that you will love, and is that meet and exceed everything that can be asked in an application of display backgrounds, and more.

In this case have been the three best apps we have found and work best. Among them we also have some that are with us on Android from 2013, such as Zedge, and others, like Walli that are more recent but work if not better, as well.

Walli, the Instagram of the wallpapers

Walli fondos de pantalla

we Started with Walli, an application that leaves us with a good taste in your mouth, as this is not an application of funds of screen, but it also gives us the brings of a very curious: as if it were Instagram. We can define it as the Instagram of the wallpapers, because we have a timeline where each artist can upload their own content. The timeline is ordered to say in order of popularity.

we do Not find in this application the typical wallpapers. In Walli, we can find the wallpapers that go out of the typical line and we offer wallpapers very original and pleasant to see. From this application because not only we will be able to download the wallpaper, but also can set them as wallpaper directly.

Play Store | Walli (free)

Zedge, the app wallpapers more classic

Zedge Fondos de pantalla

Zedge is an app you probably already know, so is very popular. In addition, we have already analyzed earlier website and in addition we have given a very high note: 75/100. In this other application, the organization is typical as in other applications of the wallpapers that we have already brought you one time or another. Zedge is organized by categories

In their majority, in this application the predominant wallpapers abstract. Since we found no wallpapers are so original as in the previous application, but that we find funds that are more accustomed to seeing -however, all of the material continues to be created by the designers, nothing is copied or no fund we will be able to find in another application-.

The novelty of this application are the animated wallpapers that we can find in their new category. While we don’t have as many wallpapers animated -as it has been included the function recently, ” if we have many from which to choose.

Play Store | Zedge (free)

Tapet, a creator of wallpapers

Tapet Fondos de pantalla

finally we bring Tapet, an application of wallpapers that also accompanies us for quite some time on Android, since 2014 in particular, and that has also been discussed in our blog. Tapet is not an application of funds of screen as any other. Tapet create wallpapers automatically with geometric shapes in the style Nexus.

organization by slide, that is to say, we have to go sliding your finger to find new wallpapers. We can even change the color hue of the funds that you like, so that it opens a range of possibilities very large.

Play Store | Tapet (free)

With this we just, and we hope that you have enjoyed the applications that we have brought, and, of course, that I have been useful. If you know of any application that can be added to the list, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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