Test of resistance to the Xiaomi Mi 9: what to bear?

There is a YouTube channel called JerryRigEverything Zack Jerry is very well known for its test of resistance to smartphones. And this time he has applied his different and challenging tests to the flagship from Xiaomi, the Mi 9. Read on and discover all the details.

Tests of durability and strength made to the Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9 problemas

One of the things that has secured the signature Xiaomi mobile faster AnTuTu is how tough that can be. So this youtuber has taken the task of verifying whether this is true.

The first test performed by Zack is the attempt to scratch the screen with a razor knife, then does the same to the rear and to the glass of the rear camera. We must say that My 9 went very well-standing in this test.

The screen of My 9 resisted the fire for 30 seconds

The screen of My 9 was also subjected to fire for 30 seconds and despite the fact that it became white for a few seconds, returned to its natural state after a short time. Finally, Zack tried to fold My 9 doing a lot of strength without being able to do it.

Here we leave the video so you can analyze it, remember to activate the subtitles in Spanish and before you see we must tell you that is a little hard to see the attempts to destroy a My 9 that was in perfect condition.

How you can see My 9 has passed the harsh tests of endurance to which he was subjected, by what may be considered a high-end hard. Something very different happened with the Redmi Note 7.

¿did you like this test of endurance? Do you think My 9 is worth? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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