Test already Daydream from your Nexus 6S


Daydream is the new system of virtual reality of Google. You can test it on the Nexus 6P if you want to, in this article we will tell you how you can do it. I already have tested it and it is not anything bad since then, although as I advance that you’ll need a couple of things. It is the only device so far capable of using Daydream.

we Knew Google was up to something in virtual reality is concerned. Something like premium, well, this project exists and is Daydream. We are faced with a version in testing as of now, but less da a stone, if you want to make tests is the time. Little you can do to both roll, but if you are interested in the information do not lose detail than the one shown here:

Test Daydream from Nexus 6S

What do we need to test it?

  • A Nexus 6P.
  • A Nexus 5X or other mobile with gyroscope.
  • Android N.
  • Google CardBoard.

With this, it is enough (more or less). So, you can try out Daydream, which as you know comes hidden in Android N.

steps that we have to continue to perform the tests are the following:

  • Enable USB debugging in Nexus 6S.
  • Download this APK.
  • This app you just downloaded, we will have to install it on the phone using the command adb install-r path-to-download/controllerpaint.apk.
  • Now reboot the Nexus 6S.
  • once ready, we will activate Google VR Services in Settings > Apps > Google VR Services. We must also buy that is activated in Access mode do not disturb, support services VR and access to notifications.

at this point, we are on the right track but has not finished here the thing. Need to let a few more things like Bluetooth and location services of Google.

And you wonder… what the Nexus 5X higher? you will Need to pair with it, to use it with remote control so the girosocopio.

So you can try Daydream. Don’t miss the previous video to better understand how this is going. Then you will see virtual reality from your Nexus 6S.

do Not miss the video

you Can view all of the information from the following link:

Web | Android Developers

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