Team Win Recovery Project welcomes officially OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 frontal

operating systems evolve, mobile devices such as smartphones as well as an astonishing rate. However, despite the leap to a new generation after generation get root in our terminal is a task still in high demand among the public about the limitations of manufacturers . And not only for the superuser is interesting rootear terminal, for without recovery not achieve custom install ROMs custom, the highlight of Android and its community.

One of recoverys best known is -TWRP- Team Win Recovery Project, which today welcomed with open arms the controversial OnePlus 2 , the appointed flagship killer the current and next year.

and its recovery TeamWin officially reach the OnePlus 2

Although OnePlus 2 is a complete terminal as a whole, remains OxygenOS quality details like that even being a good ROM Lollipop based on Android 5.1 without any customization layer but added very interesting, unfortunately it does not express the full potential of hardware and many times is burdened terminal .

It is therefore a very good time to turn to the community and install the new recovery TWRP custom official at the terminal and install CyanogenMod 12.1 or any other ROM much more polished than the official .

Not only that, if we can also get rid of some of the Group in the operating system and applications fantastic resort to the alternatives that exist for Google Play , whatever.

OnePlus 2 trasera mesa

Installation Methods

As a prerequisite, of course is required to start the process have root previously to grant root permissions to applications and measures which require it.

The simplest method is to go to Google Play and download TWRP Manager, access the menu on the left side and select “Install TWRP”. Follow the steps and simply we will have everything ready in our OnePlus 2.

On the other hand, if for any reason you do not want to resort to the easy way, you can always opt for alternatives such as installing via Android SDK and known fastboot or adb . In fact it is not much more complicated, because if we have the necessary tools, TWRP themselves provide us the necessary commands in this download page.

To your full choice is , you can choose how you see fit and if you wish, start flash all kinds of files or give use to great backup tool Backup and Restore disposal.

And you do you think? Head over Team Win Recovery Project welcomes OnePlus 2 official way to leave your mark.

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