Team 17 Announces Worms 4, turn the wildest worms!

[19459million] Worms 4 para dispositivos móviles

If yesterday we told you that Angry Birds 2 was already available in Google Play, today we bring another novelty of a legendary saga that sure love to his followers. Is Worms 4 which has been announced by Team 17 , as we report from Android Police. As you know, in this game the players are not birds, but worms. Worms who know very well what they do.

Of course, Worms 4 maintain the essence of their ancestors, from the first delivery. In the hands of our team of worms, we must defeat the opposing team, using all kinds of weapons already known, from shotguns to bananas bomb, but also added some new, like Halley kite-and I can not wait probarlo-, making a total of more than 30 elements that destroy our enemies. And all this, in environments in three dimensions, with fully destructible settings.

Worms 4 is entirely designed for mobile devices, and proof of this is their quick game mode that will allow us play several games in a short time , but also will include a major campaign mode to play alone. There will also be daily battles for bonds, where the red and blue factions will face, and of course we choose which want to participate.

As with the rest of Team 17 games for mobile systems, Worms 4 will not be a free-to-play , but we will make an initial payment for download , and from there, we’ll play without any advertising, although there may be some kind of one-stop shopping. Both Worms 2: Armageddon and Worms 3, which are in Google Play, are priced at 3.99 euros, so this quarter would be around the same amount


Armas en Worms 4

But the bad news is that still has not confirmed whether it will come to Android , although it would be very unusual not to. IOS If confirmed, since the video has been captured in one of the devices Apple, and indeed land on the App Store in August. All he has said is that the developer “will expand to other platforms” , but neither dates nor have more specific information. Therefore, users of Android touches us continue to wait, but to entertain hopes that we can play either Worms cited above.

Google Play | Worms 2: Armageddon (3.99 euros)

Google Play | Worms 3 (3.99 euros)

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