Takes the sound from your TV to another level with this soundbar Xiaomi

Buy a good soundbar, and that does not leave very expensive, it is quite complicated. The majority of those that we found for less than 100 euros offer a sound rather poor and unfriendly. However, Xiaomi has created a sound bar perfect for you.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar is a soundbar with a size of 33 inches that gives a really nice sound. It is small, beautiful (with a clear scandinavian style) and is compatible with any TV, thanks to the large number of entries of sound that integrates. Even you’ll be able to connect to your mobile phone thanks to the Bluetooth technology. do you Want to know more about her?

¿What you can do with the Xiaomi Mi TV Bar?

This sound bar has a design very different from most bars. Has a slick style, white in color, and a mesh front grey. reminds Us very much of the classic Ikea furniture and that aspect robust to the time harmonic.

In its interior enjoys a perfect setting to create a high-quality sound:

  • 2 tweeters high-quality for the high sounds.
  • 2 subwoofers 2.5-inch internal to the low.
  • 4 radiators of sound (liabilities) that are responsible for creating the surround effect and better sound quality.

it Is, without doubt, a very comprehensive setup. In addition to that is capable of emitting sounds from 50 to 25 KHz. The sound output delivers a power of 28 wattios RMS with an impedance of 6 ohms. Do not mistake with the classic wattios PMPO, that are usually many more. You see many bars of sound with 100 wattios you really don’t have even 10 wattios RMS.

What entries have this sound bar?

As I had commented, the sound bar has a lot of entries, so you can connect it to any thing:

  • Input stereo sound with 2 RCAs.
  • audio Input stereo jack of 3.5 mm
  • coax Input.
  • optical Input.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 4.2.

Without a doubt, a very good combination that allows us to connect any device. In addition to that the bar brings in some gaps in the rear that allows us to hang it on the wall or rest it on a table.

In terms of the sound you should know that it is perfect for movies, TV series and. The highs are pretty good and the bass is very deep, despite its appearance. It is perfect to give your living room another type of sound and improve the audio of everything that you’re seeing.

Consíguela of supply, for only 65€

If you want to get yours now you can take offer for only 65€ with 2 years warranty in Spain, and SAT here. If something happens to him, you will not have to send it to China to repair.

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