Super Mario Run 2.0.0 receives new characters and content

Nintendo has met deadlines as a lightning bolt, yesterday, properly, it was throwing the new Super Mario Run for Android as promised. Nintendo tends to deliver on the promises but we have to recognize that Super Mario Run arrives a little bit late to the Google Play, people has almost forgotten him.

Super Mario Run allows you to play the first 3 stages are free, but to continue playing you have to pay. Now, Nintendo has said that it would release new content for Super Mario Run, but have chosen to update the version of iOS with new characters, new buildings, and a tutorial largest but this is not enough for people to play again, not to be deceived in Japan.


Super Mario Run adds new characters, new buildings and a more comprehensive tutorial

This of new characters, sona very well, but in reality, these new characters are one of them that you can choose between four different colors. Now there will be new Yoshi available in various colors.

yes, provided that you play in Toad Rally with one of four colors what we’ll do is get more Toads of the same color with which to play. It is a way of earning Toads of a certain color.

Nintendo has also unlocked a new stage for free, you’ll be able to play the Challenge of Bowser if you unlock the world 1-4 and therefore you have a new phase as you can see, reason enough to go back to try the game… do you come back to install a phase?


in Addition to this, Nintendo has also taken advantage of by add new buildings in a future event. Yes, there will be new buildings in Super Mario Run and on top of that now the Toads of Toad Rally is distributed much better so that we can get all the objects of the kingdom that we need to build it.

In regards to the news, if you seem few (mode irony on), you can also get tickets for the Whole Rally more easily. And yes, if you have time playing you can also see the new tutorial that has received upgrades for you to know how to do it better… To play 4 phases you’ll hardly go wrong buttons…

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