Stronghold Kingdoms for Android will arrive in the summer

Stronghold Kingdoms

If yours are the strategy games like Age of Empires but on your smartphone, you should know that will soon be available Stronghold Kingdoms for Android, a new success of the Google Play that will not leave anyone indifferent. The interface, gameplay, and above all, the environment of the scenarios within the app, we will recall entirely up to the Age of Empires saga, while this title includes a unique design detail that you will not be able to lose.

Stronghold Kingdoms for Android very soon

to Build and expand the feud, to direct the village, join online thousands of feudal lords or to become a knight is an example of everything you get to do in Stronghold Kingdoms for Android. The success of this application is to be such that gets new users per second, and while at the moment it is only available for Apple computers at the moment, very soon you will come to our beloved android green. Here you can see the trailer of how will Stronghold Kingdoms for Android:

As it seems that Firefly Studios will be the developer in charge of porting Stronghold Kingdoms directly to Android. Stronghold Kingdoms is a game that takes us from the year 2011, or at least its graphic engine, but it has not been until now when the company has taken the reins and decided to bring it closer to all of us by creating a version for Google’s operating system.

In this game medieval we will have put ourselves in the skin of a feudal lord and direct their land. We will have to create an entire city around the castle, protecting their inhabitants and, above all, make your fief the best of the 38 islands, 18 provinces and 99 counties available in Stronghold Kingdoms.

A game that will be released in summer

As you can see, there is nothing wrong. The amount of options available, good gameplay and above all, that is free, make him one of the best strategy games of the market. Of time has not been given a definite release date, but we know that is scheduled at mid-year, probably in this year’s summer 2016.

What do you think of Stronghold Kingdoms for Android? Have you played already? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments, we’re waiting for you.

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