Steps Count, Calorie Pedometer, an app that will count every step you do

walking is something we do almost daily and always carry our mobile phones with them to communicate or to distract us. outdoor activities are very recommended to maintain a healthy life, and despite the fact that we have recommended for many applications with pedometer. In this opportunity we will go out of the conventional, and we bring you Steps Count Calorie Pedometer, a simple application that is free in the Google Play.

The application is intended for all those who do not wish to enroll life with complex applications that perform a full trace. Step Count Calorie Podometer is basically an application that recognizes each step that we take when going out to walk, even when we run. An important detail of the application is that it does not need the use of a bracelet or sport as a smartwatch. The information you receive through the sensors that integrates your mobile, and therefore does not need an external tool.

In terms of the operation, is the correct way although it could improve in some aspects. For example, the user interface is disappointing from our point of view. It should be noted that we are not saying that is bad, just we would like to have more tools and more attractive. Yes, there is no problem in detecting the start button and the closing to collect data. In terms of compatibility, its requirements are very low, as can be download in terminals with Android 2.3 or higher, and their fluency is quite good. In addition, only weighs 5Mb and practically we can say that it serves with all the mobile market.

What can we do with Steps Count Calorie Pedometer?

The application counts your steps and the time in which the activity is carried out, but it is also possible to collect other data. For example, does a estimate of how many calories you have burned, and also, the number of kilometres travelled to determine your performance. It should be noted that, you have to place your body weight and the length in centimeters that you have, to determine the information. To place the data correctly, you’ll see that the result can be reliable and are correct.

at The beginning the data may be delayed a little, and on some occasions, the information is lost, but it is not something that happens very often. By the way, has excessive advertising that can be a little disturbing for some users. And something that we like, is that it is possible to save the data of each output to see the possible advances that can be earned as time passes.

To download this app you should be taken directly to the Google store or click the download box. The installation process is very simple, and is recommended by a lot of people to know how much you walk daily. Although, if you’re not already convinced of all, you can try Runtastic or any other applications on the physical activity.

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