Stardew Valley is now available for download on Google Play

Stardew Valley is one of the games most awarded in recent times and from today you can download it for your Android device. A couple of weeks ago as we set out, the popular role-playing game would arrive at the Google operating system after you have gone through PC and iOS.

The wait is over and all who want to try it will be able to launch and take care of the best farm that have ever existed, in addition to many other things. However, and as already mentioned, will have to spend cash, because he has come to Google Play with a price of 8.99 euros.

Become the best farmer with Stardew Valley

The first thing that catches the attention of Stardew Valley is your aesthetic pixel, that reminds us of the classic games that many have enjoyed in the video game consoles. The goal is simple, you’ll have to take care of the farm that you have just inherit, carrying out all the tasks that we expect of a good farmer.

it Is a game, be warned, quite addictive, in which you’ll be able to design an environment to your liking and take care of it while you interact with the friendly villagers. If you want something relaxing, take a stroll through the forest and keep green your crops. However, you also have your dose of adventure, with different missions that you will have to complete, and in which you can face dangerous monsters to arrive at hidden treasures.

Thanks to its new control system ‘ll be able to control your character the easy way with a virtual joystick, you can also make it invisible so that it does not interfere with your screen. You already know, you can already test one of the games that more success is having, and which aims to take some of the attention they have been led to Fortnite and Pokémon GO during the last few months.

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