Spy on conversations Facebook Messenger was possible until a few days ago

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We have just learned of a serious vulnerability present in Messenger that we have not been liked even a hair. Because users can spy on conversations Facebook Messenger and even alter them, which is serious. It is “unlikely” that Facebook has found something of this caliber, because they are not especially silly in the social network. However, it is also said that everything is hackable and there is always an open door. The guys of Check Point revealed that access to the Messenger messages is possible.

few days Ago we spoke of the encryption point-to-point Messenger to not be able to read your messages, but this is you we have now is on the other side, because we are talking about a serious vulnerability that affects users that exchange information by Messenger, we are going to use the chat of Facebook. We tell you what is this all about:

espiar conversaciones facebook messenger

Spy on and disrupt conversations of Facebook Messenger can be

to Us it seems incredible that in Facebook it is possible to spy and change Messenger conversations. Yes yes, you read that right. With the serious vulnerability that was found, not only can be read the conversations of any, but also modify them.

where does this come From all of this information? a group of researchers Check Point, who have been exposed to these data with the Cyber Day 2016. They, themselves, have alerted the staff of Facebook security manager weeks ago, and it is assumed, that to day of today, have already managed to fix it (so you should not worry at this point).

however, frightens us, because until now we believed that the Messenger was completely safe. Until you have solved this, if is that the problem is fixed, any user could read or modify any message sent on Messenger, and even delete it, to do what they want. So that we were facing a great issue of privacy for users. We talk about data of millions and millions of people exposed, so that a malicious user would like to skip that door and be done with these data to then sell them (a problem that seems not to have happened, but that could have happened).

What have been fixed, but do not trust

As you can see, it’s amazing what an open door can lead to any service. So you have very careful and do not exchange important information by any means. Messenger, from now on, you should be more confident than ever after this leaked information. But there are many users who have caught fear and not use it until things settle.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the encryption of messages point-to-point is the fall.

we’re Not going to filtrarte how they were able to access the information, users, private messages. Or we recommend that you search how to do it. It is not ethical. But we leave below information to the original post, where these security experts have managed to access the messages of Messenger.

What do you think of the news?

More information | CheckPoint

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