Spotify already allows you to save to 50,000 songs for offline listening

Spotify has increased the number of songs that a user can save in their device, thanks to the subscription to Spotify Premium. The interesting thing is that the figure has increased so bestial.

To date, each user of Spotify, you could save up to 3, 333 songs on up to 3 different devices. Now that figure has increased, for we save up to 50 000 songs with a single subscription to Spotify Premium.

Spotify allows you to store 10 000 songs per device, up to 5 different

The new limit allows us to save up to 50 000 songs to listen to offline, a number that is more than right that would allow us to have a lot of music for offline listening.

We will be able to accommodate up to 10 000 songs per device, a number that is not at all easy to listen to the full, and less in a short time. Yes, will be the songs that we will be able to save simultaneously. If we need to save more we will be able to delete any of the lists (hard to see with so many songs) and add new to the catalog.

Unfortunately, to be useful in some cases

there are Still areas or countries where the connections are not as advanced as in the european countries. In some remote locations it will be interesting to be able to enjoy this number of songs on the device, ready for listening at any time. If one goes on vacation for a long time it is possible to arrive to listen to them all or, you need them.

new limit songs to save offline also shows much more in line with the new standards of storage. In the past it was easy to see many mobile phones with 4 or 8 GB of storage but now the 64gb are starting to be a standard in the market. In fact, if you remember these devices for less than 100 euros we will see options of 32 or 64 GB of storage and not the classic 16 GB that have minimal space for storing applications.

Spotify is still struggling to attract users

From the ipo of Spotify, the firm has not stopped to add features and promote your premium service among the free users. Spotify needs to win subscribers in order to appease investors and that these do not remove the capital of the company. The business model of Spotify is really good and likes to the users but to do so profitable today is very complicated.

Source | Rolling Stone

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