Soon you’ll be able to edit sent messages in WhatsApp

Not long ago we told you that soon we will be able to delete messages from WhatsApp. This feature is being one of the most anticipated, because, surely, once you’ve made a mistake by sending a message to the person who was not. But soon you’ll be able to put a solution. But another feature that would soon come, is that we’re going to be able to edit sent messages in WhatsApp. This means, that very soon we will be able to delete or edit WhatsApp messages, photos and videos.

A future update, as we read in Phone Arena by using a filtration WABetaInfo, will allow that the users could edit WhatsApp messages. We know that a beta is going to allow soon. A beta is going to allow that edit messages that we send.


Edit sent messages in WhatsApp

This new feature is pending to reach WhatsApp has no waste. As we read, it seems that the guys at WhatsApp are working on this new feature. Users now will be able to use the messaging service in a more secure manner. To be more calm!

As you know, by the time we can only delete messages in local but not in the servedr. So if you were wrong and you’ve confused your head with your boyfriend, it is late, because while WhatsApp does not add this functionality you’re not going to be able to change or delete the sent message.

One of the services that allows you to edit messages and that it is comfortable with is Skype. But WhatsApp could also allow edit messages that we send if we want to change some word or we were wrong to say something. This would help to avoid confusion and chat more quietly.

A beta that would soon come to edit or delete messages, photos and videos

This feature is very useful and we hope to see you soon. What is certain is that it is essential and once implemented, everything will be much easier for everyone. It also confirms that we will be able to delete messages, photos and videos of WhatsApp.

at the moment there is no beta or APK, only is testing…

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