Sony sends invitations to the press for an event in India next week


As we read in Xperiablog, Sony just sent invitations for a press event in New Delhi, India , to be held within eight days, the 26th of this month of May. By the look of the invitation, it seems that the Japanese will present the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua in Indian territory.

However, the new mid-range Japanese might not be the only terminal presented , as there are reports of another to be announced smartphone too, and it is plausible so guests can see a new device unpublished to date . What everyone seems to be clear is that this second terminal will not be a high-end device.

The invitation has been circulated to the media is that can see below :


The last big news that Sony introduced outside of Japanese territory borders on high-end was the Sony Xperia Z2, who arrived during the MWC 2014. This mobile is considered as one of the better specifications incorporated last year , and that, in a space dominated by Samsung, maker of PlayStation gave something to brag about.

Since then, however, Sony has failed to capitalize on its achievements . The hasty departure of the Sony Xperia market Z3 with minimal innovation, the same camera, the same amount of RAM and a smaller battery, but still users responded positively about to a terminal almost traced to replacing and that could be placed as a possible serious competitor of Samsung .

But this has not yet happened . The Sony Xperia Z4 was presented as an exclusively for the Japanese market , and riding a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 main SoC that, given the controversy over heating issues difficult for the Japanese have as now something to be proud .

However, in the world we could see something different, as has already been suggested in the past, but as we learned recently finally the terminal for the rest of the world may finally bear the name of Sony Xperia Z3 + . However, the problem is not the confusion arising from this, but lack of a large terminal with which to address the high end of this year , with the loss of potential customers that are leading to the Japanese.

However tenor and the invitations sent to Indian media are only national media is fairly easy bet that new high-end Sony will continue making wait . It will be unveiled sometime in the future, but it seems that the West will have to wait.

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