Some iCloud services are down in many parts of the world

yesterday Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had problems at the global level. Unfortunately, today it’s up to suffer to Apple because iCloud is not working as it should. Users from different parts of the world are reporting problems accessing certain services offered by the cloud of the company of the apple.

large also have drawbacks. However, we are confident that Apple is already working to solve it all.

Some iCloud services are not funcionandos

problemas icloud

notes, contacts, iCloud Mail, iCloud Drive, iWork, Photos and the backups are just some of the iCloud services that are not working at this time. In the photo above these lines you can see with more detail.

Yesterday when Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram presented problems for more than 6 hours, the team of Mark Zuckerberg published a tweet to indicate that they were already working on it and that was not a denial of service attack. On the other hand, Apple has not revealed anything through official channels.

Although the company has not mentioned anything, probably are working quietly to address these problems iCloud. Yes, we will update this information if Apple comes to communicate something.

Be that as it may, have been strange days in the universe of technology. Similarly, you could take a look at this tutorial that explains how to configure the mobile to use an iCloud account on Android.

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