Solution: Nexus 6 suffers reboots random Marshmallow

Solución- Nexus 6 reinicios aleatorios en Marshmallow

users who have a Nexus 6 and have made the leap to Marshmallow, complain of reboots random produced no more, but are usually more frequent when I open certain applications, have a low battery and we are using up too much of the terminal, or have a heavy load of notifications. In this article we will see how to put solution to the your Nexus 6 restarts just with a Marshmallow.

Solution: Nexus 6 reboots a random Marshmallow

El parche de seguridad de octubre llega a Nexus 6 en España

These reboots, random in Marshmallow are due to the applications are not updated to the new APIs that are compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Hence, if we open some applications on the terminal is hang and restart no more.

How do we solve the Nexus 6 is reboot randomly with Marshmallow? By doing the following:

  • Updated all apps to the latest version.
  • Locate applications that give you problems and clean the cache (Settings > Applications > Choose an app > Storage > Clear cache).

If we do this, we can already say goodbye to these problems. Applications will not be reset to force reboot Nexus 6 with Marshmallow, because up to now what is happening is just that, that we have apps APIs that are not supported that cause the closure and cause the terminal to restart.

If we see that the problems persist, we will do the following: uninstall the app (Settings > Applications) or reset factory:

  • Settings > backup > Reset factory data.

take care of the conflicting applications

This does not have why to do it if update the apps and remove the cache of the conflicting (which we certainly have located). At least of those apps that open normally and require the terminal to be restarted with no apparent explanation even if you’ve found.

These reboots, random Nexus 6 with Marshmallow you notice about all since the last month, with the latest security patch. In addition, this tutorial is valid for any terminal with Marshmallow that is reboot only, because there go the shots.

What do you think of these reboots random in Nexus 6? Have you had past now with Marshmallow? Take advantage of the comments to tell us your case, because we may be able to help you.

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