Solution: I can Not install Pokémon GO

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there Are many reasons why smartphones reject apps, but in this article we are going to try to get you to play Pokémon GO. If can’t install Pokémon GO on Android, it could be for several reasons such as problems with the APK or that the app is not yet in your country or your device is not compatible. Let’s see:

Pokemon Go no disponible pais

Solution: I can Not install Pokémon GO

These are some problems with the APK and the Play Store:

Problems with the APK

  • you Must enable the unknown sources. If you don’t activate the “unknown sources”, you will not be able to install APK in your smartphone. Once activated you will be able to install any APK that you have, but be careful with take APK of sites that you should not. A good site is APK Mirror.
  • how App not installed? If you just installed the APK and it says app not installed, possibly it is because you already have installed to Pokemon GO. Search for the app and delete it, reboot and then try again to install the APK. Should funcionarte without problems.
  • do Problem when parsing the package? This could occur in mobile rooteados that it was a problem below. If so, you have to install Pokémon GO from the command console as we see in this article. Install APK through command console from your computer it is popular and convenient for root users that see that they cannot install apps. To me I step on the Nexus 4 to give one Marshmallow is not official. I had problems with analyzing the package and by doing this I was able to install apps.

Problems with Play Store

  • May not be available in your country. If so, you’ll have to wait or try the APK in the meantime.
  • App is not installed. If you have installed the APK in your day, and you get this message and can’t install Pokémon GO from Play Store, delete the app from the Pokémon GO from your mobile, restart and repeat the process to install the game from the Google Play.

Your device may not be compatible

Here are the requirements of Pokémon GO. You need to have Android 4.4 or higher. You could meet all the requirements and yet not outside, although it is rare. We have read that fails in some KitKat, it could be due to the Intel processor… on some tablets gives you problems.

From that arrived the latest APK Pokémon GO is compatible with Android Nougat.

Now should funcionarte without problems

If you meet all of these requirements and have been able to fix it, don’t hesitate on these days. If you’re still having problems, tell us about your case in the comments that you will provide guides to solutions.

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