Sold the ex on Ebay, discover how to

Vender en eBay

The love does not last forever, or at least, many people believe it. We all know that love sometimes ends, and it is in that moment when you start to use the word ex. It can be your ex girlfriend, your ex-boyfriend, or even something different, we’re not going to meter.

Now, eBay is a platform where you can sell everything that you don’t use you and that’s why we’re going to talk about selling to your ex, but not your former partners, talk about those products that are like your ex to you, all those you no longer use. Send your ex well away thanks to eBay. The idea of selling a ex has not been our, eBay has launched a campaign to promote again your brand and that you take advantage of the opportunity to sell items in the largest portal buying and selling in the world.

How to sell your ex-products on eBay?

If you are curious, you may have just taken a look at the video but this occasion you have not been explained anything, just shown the campaign eBay has begun and it is funny. Now, what should you do in order to sell everything you no longer use? In the first place you should know that you can sell them low bid auction, a fixed price or by using the famous sale express. Otherwise follow these instructions:

  • Take beautiful pictures of your ex product, part of having a good memory about him will help the buyer see that you are a curious person, this is usually indicative of take care of the things (or sell). Once you have made looking for a computer and continues with the process.
  • Go on eBay and tap on Sell, in the top left of the website (will ask you to logues with an account, create a new one or use the one you already have).
  • Now, write a descriptive title and click the button Create ad.
  • Added to the ad best pictures, and included the data relating to the product with the greatest clarity possible, the more descriptive the more possibility of sales.
  • to Select a method to sell it and fill in the data shipping, your ex may be selling perfectly since that time.

know that the sale services express eBay allow you to sell your products without leaving your home, is very comfortable doing it this way. eBay is the sales platform the world’s most popular (a lot more than Milanuncios or Segundamano), in addition to that is the most secure guarantee of payment and bonuses. With products new, used, pre-owned, etc and with good customer service. Don’t forget either that you’ll have a good pool of potential buyers and that gives you an advantage if your product is in good condition and at a good price.

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