So you can remove the Google search bar on your device

All Android devices come with the Google search bar. Sometimes it is useful, but sometimes would like to remove it from our screen. In this opportunity, we will show you how how to remove the Google search bar on your device. From now on, most you will never see that bar that both bothers you.

Android is the Google operating system and the connectivity with the search engine located on every corner of the software. The company of the big g looks for make life easier by putting at our disposal an optimal way to search for any thing you can think of the infinity of the web. However, you can remove the Google search bar and today we’ll explain how to do it. Yes, you have to take into account that some devices can be and not in others.

How to remove the Google search bar

Remove the Google bar in mobile Samsung

Leave your finger pressed on the bar Googland for that you get a pop-up with several options. Tap delete and you’re done. This method also works with mobile LG. In case you want to get it back, put it back add like any other widget and that’s it.

Remove the Google bar in mobile Sony

tap and hold any empty space that you have on your desktop. When the screens away and the Google bar is on your site, tap and hold it until you exit the option of deleting it. Like in the Samsung mobile, just add it as a widget if you want to get it back.

Remove the toolbar from Google on a mobile launcher custom

If you are using a launcher custom, Google search bar happens to be a widget. This means that you only have to hold on it to delete it. Without a doubt, the easiest way to get rid of it.

As you notice, to remove the Google bar is not a process that has a lot of difficulty. However, it is not something that can be done on all Android devices. In the same way, we are sure that these tips will be of use.

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