So you can put subtitles to films or tv series in Android with VLC

Currently we are all fans of a series or a franchise of movies that we want to enjoy always and at all times. Thanks to our smartphones we can do it quickly and conveniently, despite the fact that the films or tv series are in a language different from our own.

One of the apps most recommended for watching movies or series on Android is VLC. With this multimedia player can not only play videos from Windows to Android, but it is also possible to add subtitles to any video with a lot of ease. If you want to know how to do it, don’t you see the little tutorial shown below.

Add subtitles to videos in VLC for Android

once you’ve downloaded the subtitles that you want to put your movies or series, add it is really very easy and you just have to follow the following four steps:

First step: opens the series episode or movie you want to see in the VLC player.

Añadir subtítulos a pelicula en Android con VLC

Second step: in the playback panel, press the subtitle button (the second counting from left to right).Botón subtítulos en el panel de reproducción

Third step: choose the option Select subtitle.Buscando subtítulos en VLC para Android

Fourth step: look for the folder where the subtitles are specific to the video you’re watching. Tap on the desired subtitle and ready.

Película en VLC Android con subtítulos

once you have completed the procedure described above, you’ll be able to you view your favorite movies and series with their respective captions.

alternative Ways to add subtitles in VLC

Now, there is another method for our videos play with subtitles automatically without having to perform the steps previously explained. To do this, we must place the file of subtitles in the same folder where the video to play, and with the same name as the video.

on the other hand, if you do not know where to download subtitles for your movie or series, you can select the option Download subtitle on the playback panel for VLC try to download it from Internet and add it for you.

Remember that VLC for Android has many more options that may interest you. The following link will explain how to play on Chromecast what you see in VLC.

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