So would the covers official Samsung Galaxy S8 (photos)

If you thought you had seen all of the new Galaxy S8, we’ll bring you more, because you have filtered images how would be the covers of the Galaxy S8, covers official. It is clear that the covers officers are always the first that will come like ring to the finger and are perfect (they are also more expensive), and although usually always are nice, they are always good alternatives for Amazon to buy at good prices. But if you want to know how would be the covers official Galaxy S8, you can’t miss this that we tell you.

This morning as we tell you how to take a photo of the Galaxy S8, and not waste any. Take a look at this article because not only you are going to like subtraction covers official Galaxy S8, but also the photos that is capable of achieving.

fundas oficiales galaxy s8

Covers official Galaxy S8

In this first image of the covers official Galaxy S8 we can see a bigger and other smaller, which would correspond with the variants of the Galaxy S8, with more and less screen size.

The rumors suggest that we should have a Galaxy S8 of 5.7-inch and a Galaxy S8 Plus 6.2 inches. These terminals are too large to be the new flagship of the guys from the south Korean, but that is what the rumors, then we will have to see if it is true… because you know how are the rumors.

In the rear we can also see the sensor for the cameras and the LED flash. As we told you in the previous article, look forward to photos tremendous with this terminal, so it would be a surprise.

But what do you think about the design of the covers? The photos are not of good quality and we also can not appreciate much, but they are covers that not only reveal his own design, but also the design of the new flagship of Samsung.

What we can also see by the party of the left, the cutting of the volume keys and power button, which has been moved to make space. In terms of the colors and materials of these covers, matte black and polycarbonate. Not looking bad these covers.

funda oficial galaxy s8

What you have similar? What are you waiting for the new Galaxy S8?

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