So will the new BlackBerry Mercury: a high-end with curved screen and QWERTY keyboard


we have Already known different news related to a course BlackBerry Mercury that will be presented during the CES in Las Vegas in January 2017. To this day, even, the CEO of TCL, the chinese company in charge of the development of the new handsets of BlackBerry, has confirmed some of its details.

And although we have already been able to see several pictures of the stars of this new terminal of the canadian company, today, thanks to a new filtration that comes to us from China, we have been able to know for more details on this flagship of BlackBerry that will be presented here only in a couple of weeks.

So what’s new from BlackBerry


The first thing that calls our attention to see the leaked images is the physical QWERTY keyboard of the device, which occupies the greater part of the front of the terminal, and, in addition, you will have a fingerprint reader located in the key space.

we Also see 3 buttons capacitive just below the screen of 4.5 inches with ratio 3:2 of the terminal, a size of content, but somewhat understandable, because otherwise the terminal would be excessively large due to the inclusion of the physical keyboard.

we Also know that the body of the device will be aluminum finish, and that the screen will have a curvature on both sides in order to improve the ergonomics and viewing angles, something that is already known within the firm itself with the –little-successful– model-PRIV.

In regards to its interior, although there is no official confirmation, everything suggests that we will find either a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 or the Snapdragon 652 and a high-capacity battery –that for now remains unknown– and promises a period of up to two days of use.

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