So strong is the Nomu S30, the new terminal chinese with 4 GB of RAM

nomuAll of us at some point, we have seen the usual comparison of the resistance of any of the smartphones of today in front of the titanic Nokia 3310, a phone that will go down in history more for your sales, your success in the network. It is true that the terminals, both with Android or another operating system, over time and with greater technological achievements are granted more resistance, but are not designed to resist blows, or much less.

If you are a user who often practice extreme sports, or you are looking for a device that supports all kind of impacts, scratches, or even that support water, dust and extreme temperatures the Nomu S30 is a candidate to take the first prize. This is because you have certification IP68, which, as we know well certifies that it will continue to operate if immersed in a meter and a half of water for half an hour, or comes in contact with dust, or better said, the earth or sand in any of their entries as it could be the USB.

In fact, they are so sure of this that perform multiple tests without any hesitation and recorded on video and shared publicly for all of us to clear all types of doubts about whether or not it supports really water or not, because due to its origin often is subtracted seriousness to the matter. But it not only saves the S30, even if it costs you differentiate them by their similar design, also enter in scene the S20, and S10, other terminals, something more clipped but equally resistant.

Now I know, that it be submerged in water, mud, rain on him, or even be buried in wet sand, these terminals resist-all, up to scratch as the screen remains intact. If you are interested, remember that these are pre-global, which are based on the 99, 149, and 229 $ S10, S20 and S30 respectively.

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