So it would be the Pixel Booth, the best accessory for charging your Google Pixel 3

Google has their new Pixel 3 but, as expected, will not come alone. That is to say, will have their accessories but this year it seems that they will launch one in particular that called us more the attention. We talked about the Pixel Stand, a wireless charger exclusive to these terminals, which comes with tools a bit unusual.

read on to know all the details of this curious accessory. As we’re going forward, that some things that will surprise you.

Filtering a sketch with the design of the Pixel Booth

Has been a few hours ago when the same brand has “escaped” this image. In it you can see a mobile phone put in vertically, leaving you free to use it. The basis that, in principle, would load the terminal is not here and would trigger some unique features of the terminal.

In the GIF that mark has given is left to see is would trigger a default mode with photos. May take the same mobile phone, and you can customize, who knows. By the time all of this is a mystery of which we know rather little. What do you think will be what you ultimately end develop?

The design itself is little we can say. In the sketch do not allow themselves to see their connections, or anything else, only his silhouette. yes, put your hand in the fire to which the mark has been used, because it will be similar to the actual design and to give us some clue about its design and potential developments. We’ll have to wait a few weeks for us to go clearing doubts little by little.

Another of his news would be that it will come with Google’s Assistant at the factory. The utility really do not know although can be quite varied.

This is all I have on the wireless charger of the hand of Google. We hope you liked it and don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments section. Before we leave you should take a look at the possible Pixel 3 in pink color, yes, you read that right.

Source | Droid Life

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