So cleared the app data and cache in Marshmallow

Cómo borrar los datos de aplicaciones y caché en Marshmallow

If you have Marshmallow, it’s more that you need to know how to clear application data and cache in Marshmallow, so that your terminal will be much more fluid and not hold that storage more than should not. In this article we will see how to fix it the easy way, in a few simple steps.

How to clear application data and cache in Marshmallow

If we are drawn by the Settings > Applications, and we select a particular application. The first option we see is the Storage. If we enter here, we will see that we quickly appear 2 options in large that are very important: clear data and clear cache.

como eliminar datos de aplicaciones y cache en marshmallow

As we can see in the picture above, you only need to click in a certain application to access all of its options. We find the following each time we click on a specific application:

  • Storage
  • data Usage
  • Permissions
  • Notifications
  • Open by default
  • Battery
  • Memory

Need to go into the storage option, so you can see all the usage data of the application and cache. It is important that each x time to do a cleanup, especially if we eat a lot of disk space, since slows down the normal functioning of the device.

But now that we know these options, we can clean up our terminal in a deeper way. Eye with the application that we have deleted the data, since we could lose it all, but it always happens when we do. It is ideal to do applications that we use but at the same time no matter which reloads the data from scratch.

Applications such as Clean Master saves us the work

it Is important that you master these options, so play the cards in our favor always. However, another good option is to opt for a cleaning application such as Clean Master, that will help us to keep our smartphone clean.

Also when we delete an application appears to us to be if we want to to delete the remaining files that were left of it, something that is good for both if we eliminate as if we want to re-install it later.

Remember that if you have any questions about how to delete app data and cache in the Marshmallow you can leave a comment. It is easy, but it is important that we know how to handle the topic as if we need a more thorough cleaning and/or specific.

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