Smartphones with cameras, 64-and 100-megapixel camera are on the way

In recent days we have seen some manufacturers of mobile have opted for terminals with cameras of 48 megapixels, but if you thought that that was a high number, you won’t believe what is to come. According to a director of Qualcomm, we can see this same year mobile phones with cameras 64 and more than 100 megapixels.

Cameras, 64-and 100-megapixel camera will arrive at the end of the year

Camara de 48 MP Redmi Note 7

Judd Heape, senior director of product management of Qualcomm, gave a statement in which he claims that the manufacturers of sensors for cameras are working hard to launch smartphones 64 MP and 100 MP at the end of this year.

Although the executive did not offer any detail about it, trust that you will see “multiple” brands with the technology to the end of the year. This certainly suggests that these sensors are a boost for the industry in place of the exclusive development of a single manufacturer.

¿To what extent this is beneficial?

The high resolution cameras allow you to catch more detailed during the day, but shots in low light suffer due to the reduced size of the pixels. Currently los sensors 48 MP offer technology grouping of pixels, which combines effectively up to four pixels smaller in one, which allows for enhanced performance low light and 12mp photos.

it Is likely that these new sensors also offer the same technology, so it is possible that we may see shots 16-megapixel camera a 64-megapixel. But, does it really worth it? After all, Samsung have stayed with a main sensor of 12 megapixels in your Galaxy S10.

And you, do you think that is necessary? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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