Smart Lock Lollipop allows the terminal unlocked if you take it in your pocket


Android Lollipop was a major leap for both the OS itself, as for terminal today, where they appeared many new features, better performance, good and restarted animations, without Material Design all this despite the problems experienced, where they will be solved over time as has happened in other versions.

A new feature, further dealing with today’s Smart Lock, a new Intelligent Protection System which can unlock the terminal without security, provided they meet a number of security requirements, more specifically a series of patterns by proximity.

The last one has added Google and tells the source of the news is the smart unlock ‘Detection of Use by owner’, which in a nutshell keeps the terminal unlocked provided it is in our pocket or very near, as it might be in our power away.

SmartLock Opciones

This feature appears in some terminals only Android 5.0 Lollipop onwards and the new Google Play Services in version 7.0, if you meet these two details might appear in your ‘Settings’>’ Security ‘>’ Smart Lock ‘.

Once proceed to activate it, it will give brief instructions, which if followed, within seconds we’ll have it activated and fully operational, on the contrary if the terminal does not detect our person at a distance approximately 20 seconds will lock until we enter a security code.

In short, just to catch the terminal will be unlocked instantly , on the contrary if left on a table for example, this is locked and asks the pattern. This works with any person, for this no difference unless you link it to our smartwatch, then if he knows we are.

From the point of view of a user is a good way to not walk introducing patterns unlock, then proceed by proximity, although this requires some services constantly running and it is important to stress the battery drain more high it causes, it should not be anything serious.

How about unlocking new patterns that introduces Google?

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