Smart dispenser pet food

One of the biggest concerns that people have with pet home is to feed them when you are not home. With Smart Food dispensers do not have to worry anymore about this problem

Dispensador de comida inteligente para mascotas

When we are away from home you can not control how the pet will be fed with the danger that a binge eater who has been allowed to happen. To solve this, the technology is also pet and Smart Food dispensers .

With pet food dispensers you can control all the time what your pet is eating and the exact amount.


Best pet food dispensers

Of all the choices we have in the market, especially for me as I like are two models, so I’ll tell you what each of them.

intelligent food dispenser PETN

The first of the options gives us PETN. A simple way to control power from Pet and amenities to make it remotely.

With the program you can adjust the feeding schedule real-time alerts for when you are producing food intake and know the food inventory on my device.

Controls diet pet in an appropriate manner, and the amount you need. Not conducive to overweight your pet, with control over their eating habits and food intake.

Dispensador de comida inteligente de Petnet

Smart pet food dispenser Bistro

option presented comes from the hand of Bistro. With this device you can monitor usage Feeder pet.

Even you know what pet is eating all the time, thanks Face Detection Technology .

With this dispenser can have a story about feeding your pet control spending habits and identify any problems associated with inadequate intake or lack of appetite.

Dispensador inteligente de comida para mascotas de Bistro

You can not only control the amount of food eaten, but also amount of water that your pet has drunk .


As you can see after our Pet these Smart Food dispensers is increasingly easy, it takes away some of the concern for our left alone pet and know that at least in connection of Power is more controlled.

How do you see the use of technology in the world of pets? Do you use any of these models of dispensers? if you use other not hesitate to tell us what it is.

Photos 1, 4 and 5: Bistro


Images 2 and 3: PETN


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