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The guys from Skype have decided to remove the application that allowed you to send short videos: Skype Qik. We called a lot of attention that has been deleted this, because with its release we sell as the “best of Skype”. What is clear, is that will close definitively in a month. That’s why, if you ask why can’t I send short videos on Skype, you will know that it is because the functionality check to the closing.

Skype Qik closes

This application of Skype, Skype Qik, has decided to go for ever. It was clear that it didn’t make much sense that users will start your service on purpose to send this kind of video-short messages, and as a result, users were not using the service and these have been forced to close it. In addition, little by little these changes have been introduced in the app of Skype.

What surprises us, is that we do not have given more reasons for its closure. We believe that you may have to do with that nobody uses, but they are already developed… how much cost they’re supposed to be? Yes, we also believe that the application could be failing or not working as well as they wanted the users, and because of this and the lack of use, it is possible that they have decided to do without. Although it is clear that with Skype or other services like WhatsApp or Telegram, to spare.

you Still have a month to test it

don’t be sad if you still haven’t tried the new stuff from these guys, still you have until march 24. And the same if you want to rescue your videos. From that day forward, no more Skype Qik. We leave then the link if you want to give it a try in the Google Play, we are surprised that you do not have a bad note and good comments, but it is what it touches.

What do you think of Skype Qik? Why do you think that has closed?

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